Corporations must be more adept than ever at managing risks related to regulatory scrutiny, criminal and civil litigation, loss of revenue, and damage to reputation.  Whether your objective is to establish a robust compliance program, test and monitor the effectiveness of your existing program or respond to regulatory matters, SFG has a team of experts skilled in the areas of compliance, accounting, audit, internal controls and forensic investigations to assist you.  SFG has worked extensively with board members, management, compliance officers, legal counsel and internal audit departments in areas such as implementing preventative controls, developing risk assessments, investigating allegations of fraud, and establishing remediation programs to resolve compliance issues.  SFG is able to assist companies and their legal counsel with assessing, developing, monitoring, implementing and testing in the following areas:


  • Global anti-corruption compliance programs 
  • Ethics programs 
  • Remediation programs 
  • Whistleblower allegation investigations
  • Contract compliance 
  • Licensing compliance 
  • Fraud and Corruption Risk assessments
  • Government contract compliance 
  • Court or government appointed monitorships

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